Our Efforts

Our efforts

Family planning

family planning

The society gave information about family planning to the poor people of rural settlements by organizing awareness camps on population growth, along with distribution of copper tea, codam etc. related to family planning.
ICDS विभाग के साथ सेवाएं

Services with ICDS Department

ICDS Department (Anganwadi) With their cooperation, distribution of dry fruits, vitamin diet, nutrient-rich fruits to the malnourished children was done from time to time in the malnourished camp, along with a program of tree plantation in the Anganwadis regarding environmental awareness.


Educational work

From time to time, bags, stationery, water bottles, etc. were distributed to boys and girls through educational activities to instill the light of education among boys and girls, as well as educational activities were conducted.
स्वास्थ्य सुधार

social development

Those tasks which are important in living life till the beginning and end of life, such as improving education, social development, health improvement, environmental development, lifting people from poverty.

save environment

environmental awareness

Villagers related to environment were made aware and people were made aware by planting trees in rural areas, public, religious places.
कुपोषण शिविर

Malnutrition Camp

Nutrients, vitamin-rich dry fruits etc. were distributed to rural poor boys and girls in the malnutrition camp.

वन संरक्षण कार्य

forest conservation work

To make people aware for the protection of the environment, as well as to plant trees from time to time, to make forest conservation committees, to make efforts for ground water conservation.
digital education

digitally literate

To give opportunity to the people to join the digital revolution. To make all the people literate through digital education and tell them to walk with digital devices.