Our preaching

Our preaching

For the all-round development of the children, from the elementary level to the higher education, to establish a library, mobile library and book bank.
Policy laid down by the government and providing its benefits to the society. Like getting old age widow pension. To make a senior citizen certificate so that government work can be benefited in every way.

To arrange land etc. for the school and to build on it. To create educational environment in the society and to constitute education committee, to conduct employment oriented technical and vocational training programs.
To operate and guide the self employment scheme for all the weak and poor sections.

Plantation of trees in the urban and rural areas along the flat roads in hilly sloping areas.
To conduct the programs of Jal Aadata Water Shed.

Plantation of trees in land conservation areas and land scrap areas.
To protect the forest life

To work for the protection and conservation of living beings.
The committee can take loans from government, non-government or other financial institutions for the fulfillment of its objectives.

Mobilization of alternative sources of energy, smokeless stoves and promotion of programs of biogas, solar energy.
Organizing seminars on forest environment and pollution, organizing essay competitions and debate competitions, lecture series etc. and commissioning camps to bring awareness among people about forest environment.

To conduct research and survey on the development and destruction of forest environment and pollution
Making Kisan Mitra Scheme |

Creating Internet System for Environmental Solid Waste Management.